MAY 2006: “An End to Construction and Monthly Reports?”

"Holy enchiladas! It's May and what the heck happened to TC and Bob?"

I know that's what you're thinking and I can't blame you. We sorta dropped off the face of the web, well, except for my copious and highly-dubious photographs in our Gallery sections.

By the way, it has recently come to my attention that some of you readers don't understand that you can visit our Panama picture galleries whenever you want just by clicking on the word "Photo Galleries Index" in the left column of this page. Then, pick a month's gallery and prepare to laugh! Also, while I'm here in italics, you can still visit last year's hysterical happenings by clicking on "2005" in the left column. See how I take care of you?

At any rate, we've been living in Casa Ingaso for four months now, that's FOUR MONTHS! Wow. As most of you know, we now have a KITCHEN, just missing a door and a cabinet. We have LIVING ROOM FURNITURE. Yay! Lots of plants are in the ground, including the beginning of our LAWN. And we even got around to assembling the TARGET GAZEBO we've been lugging with us for more than a year.

Oh, before I forget, I had the great good fortune to actually capture on video a LIGHTNING STRIKE ON PICACHO! (Click on the all-cap words, if you want to see pictures and the video.)

Since last I wrote for these pages, during the interim, we bade a fond farewell to several items of construction, not the least of which was our perpetual out house, whose soul inhabitant sat out by the road for a perplexingly long time. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful day when the out house went se fue (hasta la vista, baby!). Oh, there's still some junk around that needs hauling-off, but Casa Ingaso gets prettier and prettier every day. Of course, it has no choice, what with TC around planting and gardening and doing her "thang." She is a wonder, and nearly always ecstatic over the prospect of growing anything and everything—plants that will mature at warp speed here in the semi-tropics of Altos del Maria.

As my last pages pointed out, Jessica was here for the whole month of January, helping us move and unpack the boxes she helped us first pack in the States. Well, come February, our second visitor was TC's other sister, Andrea, all the way from Michigan, which had a lot to do with why she came—believe me, you don't want to experience a Wolverine winter. While both sisters are tremendous, Andrea tends to reflect my philosophy of life a tad more, in that she doesn't mind just lounging around—something I'm perfecting! Actually, and I probably shouldn't say this out loud, I think TC uses Jessica to motivate herself to get things done, because Jessica seemed to have that lounging thing down pretty pat, too. But, she's always ready to do projects, and TC loves it when she visits because they get so much done together. The two of them just plain tucker me out...

Anyway, if you'd like to catch up on the last few months, click HERE and go through our photo galleries, which are always enhanced by my witty, urbane and scintillating comments...

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